Nov 22 2013

Form Follows Function… kind of

“OK Dave, I need room for a lamp, a book, a clock radio and storage below, the rest  is up to you…”

Barbara was commissioning me to design two side cases; companion pieces for a lovely, antique cherry bed. The pieces needed to be traditional enough in form to live in a room with antiques while incorporating  a more contemporary sensibility into the detailing.

Unfortunately my wife, Lynn, was within earshot and it became apparent that I wasn’t getting out of this cheap. She pressed the point that we also possessed a cherry pencil-post bed, with night stands that were too small and far too unattractive to accompany the long promised (recently completed and installed) bed that I had built for her.

I worked up several designs for Barbara to consider and cut a deal with my wife. Of the three options I was proposing, I had a clear favorite. If indeed this was the eventual choice, I agreed to add two pieces to the order and wish her a happy birthday…

As a testament to Barbaras’ good taste, here are a couple pics of the cases that eventually made it into our home!

The case and legs are solid Vermont cherry. The subtly curved drawer fronts are veneered with a very active birdseye maple and banded with an 1/8” walnut bead. The drawer pulls are walnut with turquoise inlays.

Cherry side cases with birdseye maple

Cherry side cases with birdseye maple, banded with a walnut bead

cherry side cases detail

Walnut drawer pulls with turquoise inlays

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