Working Together to Commission Custom Furniture & Cabinetry

Hall Table, Black Lacquer and Curly MapleI will sometimes work with clients’ who have a very clear idea about the furniture they need. Others are just beginning to give the project some shape and are looking for input or the opportunity to discuss the possibilities. In any case, most commissions begin with a phone call or an email regarding the process and the price.

The process is really pretty simple:

I will give you an estimate. If the estimate is acceptable, I will ask for a small deposit for the completion of any necessary design work. When the design is approved, I’ll submit a final proposal and schedule your project.

The Estimate

In order to prepare an estimate, I try to find out as much as possible about the custom furniture or cabinetry you have in mind. Any and all information you can give me is helpful (images from a website or print media, professionally rendered drawings or informal sketches). Verbal descriptions/ideas Рfrom the very general to specific, are great. I am good at asking questions that will help me be as accurate as possible with your estimate.

Design Work

Pending approval of the estimate, we can go forward with the final design work. My goal is to provide you with furniture that is unique and specific to your needs. You may already have drawings we can build from and I am happy to do that. More often, I will need to create drawings for your review and approval. I will ask for a deposit of 10% of the estimate to generate finished drawings, including any revision work necessary to assure you will be happy with the final design.


When the design is finalized, I will give you a formal proposal. The proposal will include details of the project, contract price, terms and estimated completion date.

David Boynton Cabinet Maker | Plainfield Vermont